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Great product, great support

The products speak for themselves, but I'll add a bit more.

First, these are the best designed skins I've seen anywhere, with high quality, well thought out layouts and graphics. Hands down!

Second, the install documentation and information is far more clear and accurate than any other vendor out there - usually there's a basic readme that you can't see until you buy it. With vbSkinZone, you can see the documentation before you buy, and it's clear and concise, with very well laid out steps.

Another big selling point is the support of other things besides just vBulletin - having support for vbAdvanced was critical for me - and there's not just a "we think it works", but an actual option at time of purchase!

Support has been very good too - speedy responses to the little issues I had when installing (my fault!) and personalized service.

Finally, the skin was written extremely well - you can customize different aspects directly within the correct and logical places within your vBulletin Admin Control Panel - no file hacking or otherwise.

Thanks for such a good product and experience!
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